Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Deaf Dumb and blind ...

Deaf Dumb and Bind ..
That is what the elites would want you to be. For the better of thier wealth invesments and hidden also the open agenda that they have.
They love you to be deaf ,  with everything going on they don't want you to talk about the truth rather rant about none important issues like who slept with who, whose music career is taking off and such, all this entertainment none sense, and ignore all the issues that are important to human life and well being like whats up with this debt and this horrible monetary system that they have placed all over the world, which allows them to bully the average citizens and the working class of most of the countries and sovereign states of the world. and yet when you tlak about it they call you communist and put you down. or what about the issues of climate and health and freedom in all its true forms . they want you to stay deaf so you rather no talk about yet if you do the other person talk to is deaf so whatever you say wont matter.
they want you to stay dumb and ignorant. these days school is not for learning its actually to program robots who therefore will fill up positions that they will take and work for corporations. and how about the price of education. its horrible, it just eliminates the poor or lets just call them; those who cant afford it, so they wont be encouraged and stay down and work 9 to 5 dead end jobs under poor conditions just so they can pay the bank money for 25 years and hope they stay employed in doing so. and if they cant make the payments, well then its to bad the house always belonged to the bank so it'll just take it back. and after seeing what happened in 2008 they just strengthened the rules and regulations on whose qualified to get a loan or mortgage so it just assures them that they'll go miles in paying it, and in doing so it eliminates yet more people of the right of owning something to call home. So back to education again, why do you think those who are high up on the financial or wealth pyramid don't send their kids to school and have their kids home schooled by highly educated professors and such. Universities and colleges are not institutions of learning and education "maybe it were at one point of time", but a corporations and businesses which is very sad, and yea sure its good that the government helps out at times with grants but it is still not ideal as for education should be a right not a privilege, its the right to anyone and everyone. but they "the elites" rather see you dumb to that face and as ignorant as a pig.
They want you blind, blind to the face that your nothing but a social security number or an asset that's easily liquidated if it doesn't produce profit. Everything they show you on TV is a cover up to something else, but your blind to the fact; distracted by reality TV and music videos that degrades women and promotes greed and selfish ways of thinking and doing, they make it seem like that's the way you should live your life as they glorify everything that's morally wrong. yet they don't shine the light on things that matter because it doesn't sell. what kind of corrupt and rotten society believes in profits are worth more than human life?! . 
Sometimes we support such society indirectly because we have our hand tied, now that's wrong thinking.
You have to wake up and know that you can say No. enough is enough its time to give a lot back to the people, and if you have two people who believe in that it will create a ripple effect from which change will come and more shall follow in going against such ideologies of glorified greed and low moral code.


Understanding order of things, so times people come into your life and will leave you either heart broken, angry and disappointed with regret.
However those kind of people are just a reflection of yourself, believe it or not. Its a reflection of yourself  to those who you hurt previously at some point of your life and did not notice, sometimes you hurt and you get hurt with no intention. Also if you ever had the intentions then the pain would be severe. With that said you must live life aware. Aware of what you say or do because you don't know who you will hurt unintentionally, simplest example is your parents. You must appreciate them and their unconditional love for you, as how we are all Gods children we must appreciate this life and be grateful for it as well.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Kings and Queens!

Whenever i used to see homeless people and beggars in the street i used to feel sorry for them and help, and every time i used to tell my friends about how i was feeling towards them, they used to criticize me and tell me they can help themselves or that i shouldn't give them money or help them.
they said i am emotional that i care to much. so i wondered how come no one cares, i mean not  lot of people do. however if you ever have that same feeling towards those who are in need and would want to help, yet you're criticized, just ignore and help them.
You are Kings and Queens, my friends. only true Kings care enough to help their people. and am not talking about kings and how they're portrayed with gold palaces or golden thrones, no; those are the ones who are fake and unworthy. You are just like Jesus who never had a golden throne on earth and never asked for a palace to be built for him yet he is the King of Kings.
however not everyone is a King, as for a King is chosen by God. and may God be with you and help you through it all.
Therefore do not question why you care to much or believe when they say you're an emotional person because they are wrong, truly a King will always care more than a peasant, for those are his people.

Sad truth

the sad truth is that the fabric of this society is this idea of; survival of the fittest.
its sad because it allows you to step on people that are weak to achieve goals that only feed
false ego and please the ego. when it should be the other way around, where you should be helping
the weak and bringing them up with you. what people don't understand is you are built with all that you need to survive without stepping on people and resorting to horrible things to achieving goals that are empty. you are creators and all of you have the power to create but because of society's defining things for you don't mean you have to abide by it, and am not talking about the rule of law nor for you to break it. but simply to use your god given gifts and remember why you are here and for what purpose you are here. it is to help human kind without asking a price for it or expecting anything in return . but throughout history this, the will to do good was hijacked by the manipulating and the greedy rulers, those who had the power but abuse it and we can see that from examples of Jesus and Christianity to Nicolas Tesla and his inventions and a lot of countless people. you have the power to change that, rebel.
spiritually think to yourself for a second and hopfully your children and thiers shall be liberated from this mind state, that this socitey has us in shackles. be the light for those who have lost thier ways.
sending good vibes your way.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I love you all

  What stops us from saying i love you to one another is the false ego, the one thing that's wrong with this whole world is the false ego acting upon greed. take a minute and look around you, people on their phones distracted with their minds empty ... its ironic how the internet and the social media and the dawn of technology has us more disconnected than ever ... its all about the glamour and the looks and the things that don't truly matter when you're in your true heavenly light form. once your clothes are truly off your soul; by clothes am referring to your body, then nothing matters. how God made you was perfect why do you have to be ashamed of how you look in this empty dimension. then comes the age of the civilized and they put clothes on their clothes and call the rest who don't comply or do it their way; nomads and uncivilized. wake the fuck up. know your origin.

pursuit of happiness ?

   Most of us give up on what we truly want to be in life. somtimes its because of financial freedom, other times its your family and friends negative outlook on things theres alot of other factors, however at times its just your ego that gets in your way of achieving great goodness.
   You have to step back and look at what your doing in your life as of right now. find something that you truly love doing and pursue it even if the world turned its back against you, you shouldn't stop to confront them, you just gotta keep going because truly they are not what they mean, its their ego that speaks for them. so as you pursue happiness and you face that negativity, smile and keep going, do not hold anything against anyone because if you do then you aren't any different than them. so don't hold anything against anyone but just know they don't know any better.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

life simple

   life is very simple. you make choices and you go on making some more choices until theres no more choices to be made. life gets complicated when you start looking back at the choices you made previous to and wonder what if. and the chain reaction of regrets starts to haunt your life and you will be living as if your life was on pause and the world would appear as if its moving fsater and faster resulting in you going into panic, then all you know your life is over.
   Whatever choices youve made in the past and didnt enjoy making maybe under circumstance or not, you should just let it be and move on to making better choices. maybe just then your future will sit and wait for you, not the other way around.
  so whether you make the choice of being a good man, a decent man or just an evil motherfucker the choice is yours to make. but also know that your choices effects no one else but you on a large scale. and that's life.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Be Aware

         Sometimes when people do good things for us or are good to you us, usually we tend to think that they have a hidden agenda they're planing to execute. well my friends once you do get that feeling beware because its usually true at almost all the cases.
    Nevertheless people that are genuine and good, who are truly good to you or do good things for you, are usually taken for granted and unnoticed, those are the once without a a hidden agenda. they are simply good people and that's their nature, they will not ask you for anything in return or big their names or have to gain form the good acts they do. But their good acts wont be noticed until they're absence.
     But wait, how can you be the judge of who is who; well i will tell you. you see its simpler than you think. you "trueself" aleady know who is who, basically you have to understand that the true self is the unconscious state of mind and the false or the illusion is the ego.
       So the people with the hidden agenda; once you have a feeling of them having a hidden agenda that means that the true self "unconscious state of mind" is basically telling the ego about it and that's where that thought comes from or appears in your head. the true self is connected to all of the beings in the world or everything on earth to be more clear which > are all connected to the super conscious mind*, the ether that surrounds earth aka holy spirit*"it has other names also" > and are then connected to the Good Orderly Divinity or God, Yahweh, universe, creator.
     In conclusion, basically the true self is aware of the fact automatically its just at times the ego gets in the way in both parties; the care giver as in the people that do go with or without hidden agendas, and the receiver; people that receive their kindness or manipulation and it works vice versa. and that will distort your judgement.
  one of the reasons of why i wrote this today was 'Mr. Big' sting: Police operation and then i started it thinking in general.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Kanye West

i know people have a love hate relationship with this character "pawn" ... but honestly i have grown to respect this man after watching his interview with Sawy. not how he snapped or anything but the reason behind it and why he did it ... Even Kanye is fighting this war of inequality although hes a egotistic maniac someone to think. when someone grows bigger financially just to find out hes really nothing compared to those who pay him or cut his checks. this is a system build on the blood of slaves just to keep the royals on top. yet who has say ... who made them royal to begin with ... anyways pay attention to what he says and try to ignore the egoistic Kanye >>> Link

apocalypse now

apocalypse now everyone was talking about the end of the world not to long ago or the end of days ... its actually the beginning of a new world .. this age, is the age of enlightenment .. where one was blind to see the things that were under his nose, now is the age where he sees everything that is wrong with this God forsaken world from government corruption to the greed that has plagued the average person and how corporations capitalism has raped everything that was good with a sovereign society ... do you see? do you see how corporation has your government by the balls "Corporatocracy" do you know what your going to work for? do you know that your a slave regardless of debut or not do you know that your a light being that's artistic and creative given the opportunity and the tools. do you know your education is not really an education just a programing of machine do you know you can make a difference do you know the solution starts with you resist

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I had an epiphany  
We want to change the world to our selfish perspective of how we see the world to be without changing the self. 
You change your self first to how you see the world to be, through your action surely the world will follow truly "be the change you want to see in the world". Knowledge is key. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


is quality not quantity 
In the pursuit of it practice quality 
And not quantity, having sex with multiple people may erect that of flesh. But having sex with the one will erect a lot that of the spirit. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Coward, who?

Who's the coward ?
When you are marginalized, criticized as you put someone down to a point that he is amount to nothing once you tell them; am sick of doing this everyday, sick of waking up early in the morning with pain running down my back with my mouth dry mind still. washing my face, brushing my  teeth, rushing trying to beat traffic while eating their Gmos and calling It food that's pumped with steroids just to get to my so called job on time as am trying to make some people who don't know I exist rich? Growing so tired of this, numbers we are all numbers, slaves in a cotton field and you are all blind to it. Am sick ! And am labeled a coward ?because I can not handle life. Am I really a coward ? or is it that truly   you are the coward who's living life like this everyday because it's comforting and you believe that you have no choice but abide by their rules and keep the peace and not question anything because of how good of a worker you are, a robot? A slave? A number ? Pay the bills as they feed your false ego. You are the coward because you are afraid of the unknowns I it's called, afraid of what if I lose my job I will have no
Money I cannot buy all these fancy thing to empress all theses fake people that I think I love ... Pathetic how empty humans have become so disconnected and afraid of thier own true selfs. you are all cowards to let your true selfs rot inside of yourself and not do anything about it. The time has come for people to come together to end a lot of misery, those cruel and evil men put us through. And it's a choice you make that will change you and mankind forever. 

Which hand

The hand that gives, feeds.
The hand that steals, kills.
The hand that forces, loves.
The hand that feeds, steals.
The hand that kills, forces.
The hand that loves; gives, feeds, steals, forces and kills.

Shame !

It's a shame 
How some ugly minds are blessed with a beautiful face ... Sad to say. 
But once you've achieved that little bit of enlightenment those faces won't phase you anymore and you will find beauty in those who's faces are flawed just a bit. You are all beautiful. 
Toodles ..

Ecstasy what

the very thin line between life and death achieved by higher knowledge caused by higher consciousness, once you are fully aware that this reality you live in is an illusion. 

Do you?

Want to be financially free 
Abolish money and the concept of trade. Think free, think good for all, think of the all things they tell you it's impossible to do or maintain.  
You have the power to move mountains, Literally. Don't let greed stain your soul and dim your lights. You are born free act like it. 
Food for thought. #ubuntu

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The bigger picture

Be irrational as much as you can with much respect to rational people but the truth is they're both concepts of arguments and the art of reasoning, philosophy is all theory ... You are made out of light put in the best machine on earth the human body, the beast on top of the food chain. to preserve your light and keep it safe you will do anything to survive and adapt to any environment habitat and make it your own. you have beastly desires and needs and also you have spiritual desires what the unconscious mind desires. Be mindful and seek out your unconscious mind and feed it, as you do so, you will unlock secrets and see things differently also try to keep out the beastly desires at bay ... And you'll see the bigger picture.

My little prayer

My little prayer 
By the power invested in me by my God I shall bring down this whole world on its knees ... And I shall consume all the darkness in their hearts and cast it into the abyss ... I shall wash every stain they have on record before you god and teach them to love one another for that I shall extend my hand and reach out to their soul and help them up again ... God As you walk with me every step of the way.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Breaking points

Breaking points       
Some relationship(s) last longer than others, some are infinite.
The dotted line above is all the bullshit as in the struggle and emotions the person comes with 
This other line is how much you can take until you cannot take anymore so you end up either walking away because your line was to short, weak or you end up winning because your line was longer and stronger. In this case the second line was shorter so the outcome is failure.
However there are those who have the infinite. those are powered by unconditional love, their light forever bright and never dim, since birth we have been lost waiting to be found by them. 
God is love  

Fear stronger than love?

Fear is stronger than love 
... Definition of fear states ; an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that something or someone is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. 
I say fear is just that dark corner in your mind caused by the absence of light that is truly "love"
Love over powers fear.
therefore those who's minds are lit are fearless. 
Fear is just an illusion created by the master of your body which is your mind. Patience is a virtue. Your body is just a puppet to the mind. 
God is love.   

Emptiness of today

The emptiness of today. 

What defines you... 
It's not how much you make it's how much you give ... 
It's not how big your house is, it's about how truthfully you call it home 
It's not about how many people you know, it's about how many people truthfully know you.
It's not about pride .. It's about swallowing it for the greater good. 
It's about how broken you are, not how no one can break you. 
It's about being clam in the hours of chaos and the light in everyone's darkness being humble in your hour of praise. Find a way to smile in the utmost sadness and the emptiness of the world today. Believing as in knowing that you will be the goodness that will come help change the world and everyone in it, by simply your way of life as you live everyday. God bless 


Once you are awaken, you become a mirror. Id like to call it mirror of truth. You will realize that everything people may have against you reflects their unconscious self which is still in a deep slumber. As you celebrate the truth and embrace it, people will find you crazy and bizarre, they will try to ignore you and may even hate you for preaching the truth . But fear not because all of that is just a reflection of the other persons unconscious self. Only their unconscious self knows it's looking at the self and the outcome is what it sees. Everyone is so disconnected and will not see it. if you are aware you will see what others cannot. Your mind will liberate others by it self patience is a virtue.

Way of life ?

I don't believe in religion(s) ... I believe In a way of life that a man has to follow to be righteous to love and pursue peace. A way of life, not an idea to bind but an action to show. A way of life with no hierarchy no one is better than anyone no one has say yet everyone may have church any time under a
Sacred roof. Jesus Christ had a way of life which you can't be labeled and call it a Christian religion which almost everyone believe it is, it is not. Maybe Every temple with a clergy will preach a lot of beautiful ideas but won't show u actions and all of that will fade into the empty corners in your mind until next time you visit the temple. 

*Church: definition to have church is a group of people embracing God in their conversations. 
**two people talking/sending prayers/ about/to/God
***to worship god   

You don't go to church to worship god;you go to the temple to have church. Even thought u can have church anywhere same goes to praying as well. You worship God everyday through your WAY OF LIFE as a human.  

Church is not a noun for a building it's people it's a metaphor a verb not  solid building. Don't let them blind ur eyes. They have been trying for years control human kind by dividing and conquering dividing and conquering it's time to stop. It's time for people to wake up.