Monday, April 14, 2014

Way of life ?

I don't believe in religion(s) ... I believe In a way of life that a man has to follow to be righteous to love and pursue peace. A way of life, not an idea to bind but an action to show. A way of life with no hierarchy no one is better than anyone no one has say yet everyone may have church any time under a
Sacred roof. Jesus Christ had a way of life which you can't be labeled and call it a Christian religion which almost everyone believe it is, it is not. Maybe Every temple with a clergy will preach a lot of beautiful ideas but won't show u actions and all of that will fade into the empty corners in your mind until next time you visit the temple. 

*Church: definition to have church is a group of people embracing God in their conversations. 
**two people talking/sending prayers/ about/to/God
***to worship god   

You don't go to church to worship god;you go to the temple to have church. Even thought u can have church anywhere same goes to praying as well. You worship God everyday through your WAY OF LIFE as a human.  

Church is not a noun for a building it's people it's a metaphor a verb not  solid building. Don't let them blind ur eyes. They have been trying for years control human kind by dividing and conquering dividing and conquering it's time to stop. It's time for people to wake up.

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