Wednesday, May 21, 2014


is quality not quantity 
In the pursuit of it practice quality 
And not quantity, having sex with multiple people may erect that of flesh. But having sex with the one will erect a lot that of the spirit. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Coward, who?

Who's the coward ?
When you are marginalized, criticized as you put someone down to a point that he is amount to nothing once you tell them; am sick of doing this everyday, sick of waking up early in the morning with pain running down my back with my mouth dry mind still. washing my face, brushing my  teeth, rushing trying to beat traffic while eating their Gmos and calling It food that's pumped with steroids just to get to my so called job on time as am trying to make some people who don't know I exist rich? Growing so tired of this, numbers we are all numbers, slaves in a cotton field and you are all blind to it. Am sick ! And am labeled a coward ?because I can not handle life. Am I really a coward ? or is it that truly   you are the coward who's living life like this everyday because it's comforting and you believe that you have no choice but abide by their rules and keep the peace and not question anything because of how good of a worker you are, a robot? A slave? A number ? Pay the bills as they feed your false ego. You are the coward because you are afraid of the unknowns I it's called, afraid of what if I lose my job I will have no
Money I cannot buy all these fancy thing to empress all theses fake people that I think I love ... Pathetic how empty humans have become so disconnected and afraid of thier own true selfs. you are all cowards to let your true selfs rot inside of yourself and not do anything about it. The time has come for people to come together to end a lot of misery, those cruel and evil men put us through. And it's a choice you make that will change you and mankind forever. 

Which hand

The hand that gives, feeds.
The hand that steals, kills.
The hand that forces, loves.
The hand that feeds, steals.
The hand that kills, forces.
The hand that loves; gives, feeds, steals, forces and kills.

Shame !

It's a shame 
How some ugly minds are blessed with a beautiful face ... Sad to say. 
But once you've achieved that little bit of enlightenment those faces won't phase you anymore and you will find beauty in those who's faces are flawed just a bit. You are all beautiful. 
Toodles ..

Ecstasy what

the very thin line between life and death achieved by higher knowledge caused by higher consciousness, once you are fully aware that this reality you live in is an illusion. 

Do you?

Want to be financially free 
Abolish money and the concept of trade. Think free, think good for all, think of the all things they tell you it's impossible to do or maintain.  
You have the power to move mountains, Literally. Don't let greed stain your soul and dim your lights. You are born free act like it. 
Food for thought. #ubuntu

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The bigger picture

Be irrational as much as you can with much respect to rational people but the truth is they're both concepts of arguments and the art of reasoning, philosophy is all theory ... You are made out of light put in the best machine on earth the human body, the beast on top of the food chain. to preserve your light and keep it safe you will do anything to survive and adapt to any environment habitat and make it your own. you have beastly desires and needs and also you have spiritual desires what the unconscious mind desires. Be mindful and seek out your unconscious mind and feed it, as you do so, you will unlock secrets and see things differently also try to keep out the beastly desires at bay ... And you'll see the bigger picture.

My little prayer

My little prayer 
By the power invested in me by my God I shall bring down this whole world on its knees ... And I shall consume all the darkness in their hearts and cast it into the abyss ... I shall wash every stain they have on record before you god and teach them to love one another for that I shall extend my hand and reach out to their soul and help them up again ... God As you walk with me every step of the way.