Thursday, July 31, 2014

Be Aware

         Sometimes when people do good things for us or are good to you us, usually we tend to think that they have a hidden agenda they're planing to execute. well my friends once you do get that feeling beware because its usually true at almost all the cases.
    Nevertheless people that are genuine and good, who are truly good to you or do good things for you, are usually taken for granted and unnoticed, those are the once without a a hidden agenda. they are simply good people and that's their nature, they will not ask you for anything in return or big their names or have to gain form the good acts they do. But their good acts wont be noticed until they're absence.
     But wait, how can you be the judge of who is who; well i will tell you. you see its simpler than you think. you "trueself" aleady know who is who, basically you have to understand that the true self is the unconscious state of mind and the false or the illusion is the ego.
       So the people with the hidden agenda; once you have a feeling of them having a hidden agenda that means that the true self "unconscious state of mind" is basically telling the ego about it and that's where that thought comes from or appears in your head. the true self is connected to all of the beings in the world or everything on earth to be more clear which > are all connected to the super conscious mind*, the ether that surrounds earth aka holy spirit*"it has other names also" > and are then connected to the Good Orderly Divinity or God, Yahweh, universe, creator.
     In conclusion, basically the true self is aware of the fact automatically its just at times the ego gets in the way in both parties; the care giver as in the people that do go with or without hidden agendas, and the receiver; people that receive their kindness or manipulation and it works vice versa. and that will distort your judgement.
  one of the reasons of why i wrote this today was 'Mr. Big' sting: Police operation and then i started it thinking in general.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Kanye West

i know people have a love hate relationship with this character "pawn" ... but honestly i have grown to respect this man after watching his interview with Sawy. not how he snapped or anything but the reason behind it and why he did it ... Even Kanye is fighting this war of inequality although hes a egotistic maniac someone to think. when someone grows bigger financially just to find out hes really nothing compared to those who pay him or cut his checks. this is a system build on the blood of slaves just to keep the royals on top. yet who has say ... who made them royal to begin with ... anyways pay attention to what he says and try to ignore the egoistic Kanye >>> Link

apocalypse now

apocalypse now everyone was talking about the end of the world not to long ago or the end of days ... its actually the beginning of a new world .. this age, is the age of enlightenment .. where one was blind to see the things that were under his nose, now is the age where he sees everything that is wrong with this God forsaken world from government corruption to the greed that has plagued the average person and how corporations capitalism has raped everything that was good with a sovereign society ... do you see? do you see how corporation has your government by the balls "Corporatocracy" do you know what your going to work for? do you know that your a slave regardless of debut or not do you know that your a light being that's artistic and creative given the opportunity and the tools. do you know your education is not really an education just a programing of machine do you know you can make a difference do you know the solution starts with you resist