Saturday, July 12, 2014

apocalypse now

apocalypse now everyone was talking about the end of the world not to long ago or the end of days ... its actually the beginning of a new world .. this age, is the age of enlightenment .. where one was blind to see the things that were under his nose, now is the age where he sees everything that is wrong with this God forsaken world from government corruption to the greed that has plagued the average person and how corporations capitalism has raped everything that was good with a sovereign society ... do you see? do you see how corporation has your government by the balls "Corporatocracy" do you know what your going to work for? do you know that your a slave regardless of debut or not do you know that your a light being that's artistic and creative given the opportunity and the tools. do you know your education is not really an education just a programing of machine do you know you can make a difference do you know the solution starts with you resist

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