Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I love you all

  What stops us from saying i love you to one another is the false ego, the one thing that's wrong with this whole world is the false ego acting upon greed. take a minute and look around you, people on their phones distracted with their minds empty ... its ironic how the internet and the social media and the dawn of technology has us more disconnected than ever ... its all about the glamour and the looks and the things that don't truly matter when you're in your true heavenly light form. once your clothes are truly off your soul; by clothes am referring to your body, then nothing matters. how God made you was perfect why do you have to be ashamed of how you look in this empty dimension. then comes the age of the civilized and they put clothes on their clothes and call the rest who don't comply or do it their way; nomads and uncivilized. wake the fuck up. know your origin.

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