Wednesday, September 10, 2014

pursuit of happiness ?

   Most of us give up on what we truly want to be in life. somtimes its because of financial freedom, other times its your family and friends negative outlook on things theres alot of other factors, however at times its just your ego that gets in your way of achieving great goodness.
   You have to step back and look at what your doing in your life as of right now. find something that you truly love doing and pursue it even if the world turned its back against you, you shouldn't stop to confront them, you just gotta keep going because truly they are not what they mean, its their ego that speaks for them. so as you pursue happiness and you face that negativity, smile and keep going, do not hold anything against anyone because if you do then you aren't any different than them. so don't hold anything against anyone but just know they don't know any better.

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