Sunday, October 5, 2014

Kings and Queens!

Whenever i used to see homeless people and beggars in the street i used to feel sorry for them and help, and every time i used to tell my friends about how i was feeling towards them, they used to criticize me and tell me they can help themselves or that i shouldn't give them money or help them.
they said i am emotional that i care to much. so i wondered how come no one cares, i mean not  lot of people do. however if you ever have that same feeling towards those who are in need and would want to help, yet you're criticized, just ignore and help them.
You are Kings and Queens, my friends. only true Kings care enough to help their people. and am not talking about kings and how they're portrayed with gold palaces or golden thrones, no; those are the ones who are fake and unworthy. You are just like Jesus who never had a golden throne on earth and never asked for a palace to be built for him yet he is the King of Kings.
however not everyone is a King, as for a King is chosen by God. and may God be with you and help you through it all.
Therefore do not question why you care to much or believe when they say you're an emotional person because they are wrong, truly a King will always care more than a peasant, for those are his people.

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