Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sad truth

the sad truth is that the fabric of this society is this idea of; survival of the fittest.
its sad because it allows you to step on people that are weak to achieve goals that only feed
false ego and please the ego. when it should be the other way around, where you should be helping
the weak and bringing them up with you. what people don't understand is you are built with all that you need to survive without stepping on people and resorting to horrible things to achieving goals that are empty. you are creators and all of you have the power to create but because of society's defining things for you don't mean you have to abide by it, and am not talking about the rule of law nor for you to break it. but simply to use your god given gifts and remember why you are here and for what purpose you are here. it is to help human kind without asking a price for it or expecting anything in return . but throughout history this, the will to do good was hijacked by the manipulating and the greedy rulers, those who had the power but abuse it and we can see that from examples of Jesus and Christianity to Nicolas Tesla and his inventions and a lot of countless people. you have the power to change that, rebel.
spiritually think to yourself for a second and hopfully your children and thiers shall be liberated from this mind state, that this socitey has us in shackles. be the light for those who have lost thier ways.
sending good vibes your way.

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